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Unfair Competition & False Advertising

Emord & Associates’ lawyers represents clients in all forms of unfair competition proceedings, including plaintiff/defendant Lanham Act litigation, state or federal unfair competition proceedings, and cease and desist requests. Private entities increasingly resort to state and federal unfair competition laws to protect their intellectual property and goodwill. When a competitor falsely or misleadingly advertises to the detriment of legitimate products, state and federal unfair competition laws often permit private actions to recoup damages or obtain injunctive relief.

Under federal law, the Lanham Act permits a private right of action against a competitor in federal court for false or misleading advertising. Remedies under the Lanham Act are broad and may include competitors’ profits, general damages, or injunctions preventing future false advertising

Although unfair competition lawsuits are civil suits in nature, the underlying legal framework is often complex. The attorneys at Emord & Associates have experience in complex unfair competition litigation, including matters that proceed under state laws and Lanham Act provisions.

Tapping extensive experience in food, drug, and health law (including more than 20 years experience with health products (e.g., foods, drugs, dietary supplements, and devices)), the lawyers at Emord & Associates are equipped to manage the most complex scientific and emerging issues in the unfair competition context.
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Whether evaluating a concept, performing regulatory due diligence, maintaining or prosecuting regulatory filings, or contesting adverse litigation, Emord & Associates provides exceptional counsel for all your litigation and regulatory needs.

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