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Contact Your Congressperson or Senator

Make Your Voice Heard

There is perhaps no better way to register the urgency and importance of your appeal for legislative action than by calling your representatives in Washington, D.C. Remember, they represent you.

They are, in effect, your agents.

You should not feel intimidated about calling and you should expect courteous treatment and a direct response. Most often, your representatives will avoid a direct response unless they support the legislation.

You should press them to answer, directly, about their position. You are entitled to know where they stand.

Suggestions for Calling Your Representatives in Washington

Identify yourself by name and residence location:
“HI, I’m [Name], a resident of [City, State].”

Succinctly explain why you are calling:
“I am calling to urge [Congressman] to become co-sponsor of H.R. 2117, the Health Freedom Protection Act.”

Succinctly explain what you want the office staff to do:
“I want someone to call me back today and tell me whether [Congressman] is going to co-sponsor that bill. When should I expect a call?”

It is wise to call repeatedly until you get a direct answer. Urge your friends to call as well.

Get Contact Information for Your Representative

It can be difficult to know ‘where to start’ when you are writing to one of your elected representatives. The best results come from brevity and clarity – you can imagine how much correspondence goes through their offices – with a clear request for information or response.

Here are some examples of how you might word a simple communication:

Dear [Congressperson/Senator]:

I want you to become a sponsor of the Health Freedom Protection Act, H.R. 2117.

The Founding Fathers intended the federal government to possess no power to censor truthful information. In violation of my First Amendment rights, the FDA and the FTC now block from the market truthful nutrient-disease information, information that could save lives. I consider it a basic duty for each member of Congress to protect the Constitution from violation by the regulatory agencies.

Will you accept that responsibility and become a sponsor of this bill? I look forward to your response.


[Your Name and Address]

Dear [Congressperson/Senator]:

I want you to become a sponsor of the Congressional Accountability and Responsibility Act.

Three quarters of all laws now created by the federal government are regulations promulgated by unelected officials, not statutes enacted by the duly elected representatives of the people. Consequently, our democratic republic has been transformed into a bureaucratic oligarchy.

To restore constitutional government to America and make Congress responsible for all federal laws, Congress must pass the Congressional Accountability and Responsibility Act. That bill would prevent any regulation from being implemented that had a significant impact on the American economy and workers unless Congress voted to enact the regulation into law.

Shouldn’t Congress fulfill its constitutional duty and be accountable and responsible to the voters for the enactment of all laws that govern us? I urge you to sponsor this vital bill, and I want to know as soon as possible whether you will.


[Your Name and Address]

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