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Direct Sales Marketing (MLM)

Emord & Associates represents clients operating in the Direct Sales Marketing industry.  The firm has provided representation to top multi-level marketing entities, as well as distributors and executives in both small and large organizations.  The firm has provided representation in commercial and business litigation regarding Direct Sales Marketing activities.  As a law firm well-versed in advertising and compliance issues, the firm routinely counsels MLM businesses and participants in legal matters commonly affecting that industry.

Emord & Associates can ensure that such businesses remain in compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations.  The firm has experience with claims reviews, including substantiation for advertising materials.  That work has included use of the firm’s consultants and experts to support advertising claims when necessary.

Businesses operating in direct sales marketing should ensure compliance with regulatory standards, including those from the Federal Trade Commission concerning multi-level marketing operations.  The FTC has initiated enforcement activity against companies with pyramid structures in conflict with those guidelines.  Emord & Associates can identify potential risk areas and recommend changes to avoid costly litigation.

The firm has experience litigation distributor disputes, commercial disputes between direct sellers, and disputes between corporate and its distributors.  That may include, e.g., terminations for violations of policies and procedures, including alleged cross-recruiting.  The firm has experience identifying and enforcing cross-recruiting provisions and other breaches of company policies.  Emord & Associates can evaluate the enforceability of and make recommendations for corporate policies and terms entered with distributors or consultants, including arbitration clauses, class action waivers, and similar clauses commonly found in distributor agreements.

Emord & Associates has extensive experience litigation claims under the Lanham Act and similar state law statutes providing monetary and/or injunctive relief against competitors using false claims to lure distributors or customers.  The firm can assist injured businesses by seeking injunctive relief against those unlawful practices.  Emord & Associates can assist in enforcing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements against former employees or executives, or help in preparing such contract clauses.  The firm also boasts substantial experience in defending against consumer and government litigation for false or misleading advertising.

Whether evaluating a concept, performing regulatory due diligence, maintaining or prosecuting regulatory filings, or contesting adverse litigation, Emord & Associates provides exceptional counsel for all your litigation and regulatory needs.

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