Tim Delmastro, the director and co-producer of Freedom From Choice, winner of the Best International Documentary award, will be interviewed tomorrow night on the Stossel Show about his feature-length film.

Freedom From Choice investigates the loss of our liberties.  It asks whether our daily choices, from what we eat to what we read, are in fact our choices or whether they are choices that are being made for us by regulations and red tape, lobbyists and businesses.

In the film, experts, including Emord & Associates’ principal Jonathan W. Emord, explain how and why our choices have become limited.

Delmastro’s interview and a short excerpt of the film featuring Emord is scheduled to air on July 17 at 9 PM ET on Fox Business, with a likely re-run on July 20 at 10 PM ET on Fox News.  We invite you to tune in.


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