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Washington, D.C.—Tonight, July 3, 2013, Coast to Coast AM (George Noory) will interview constitutional and administrative lawyer Jonathan W. Emord (10PM Pacific) for a full two hours concerning FDA, NSA, IRS, and DOJ corruption and abuse of power.  For 28 years Emord has represented clients before the federal courts and agencies.  Emord is a veteran of the Reagan Administration’s FCC, a former Vice President of the Cato Institute, and a federal litigator who has defeated the FDA in federal court eight times, more times than any other in American history.  In his interview with Noory,  Emord explains how FDA censorship of health information, NSA surveillance of Americans, IRS discrimination against conservative groups, and DOJ surveillance of media violate the Constitution of the United States and gives this Administration the dubious distinction of the most corrupt in American history.

Beginning July 22, 2013, Emord will host a new daily radio program (M-F) on the Genesis Communications Network, entitled “Jonathan Emord’s Truth Trial” (intro sound clip attached).  The fast-paced, edgy program will air live on affiliated stations nationwide at 3PM Pacific (4PM Mountain, 5PM Central, and 6PM Eastern) and via the world wide web at  Each day Emord will expose the latest evidence of federal government corruption and abuse of power.  Emord’s regular guests will include, among others, Government Accountability Project Director Tom Devine; Campaign for Liberty Vice President Norm Singleton; Alliance for Natural Health-US Executive Director Gretchen DuBeau; Constitutional lawyer Tom Goldstein; Oncologist and Immunologist Charles B. Simone, M.D.; and numerous government whistleblowers.  “We will ferret out government corruption and abuse of power,” says Emord of his new show.  “We will expose the ugly truth of unaccountable government, of how those given public trust have violated that trust, have broken the law, and have feathered their own nests all at the taxpayers’ expense.  No stone will be left unturned,” he said.

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